Sam believes that...

The analytical leader suffers when he fails to LEAD his employees. Couple good leadership with good execution and you can insure your company and its employees will out-perform your competition. And that's what my die-hard focus is with you."

Sam is a current chairman for Vistage, the largest CEO organization in the world. He facilitates and coaches four Austin-based CEO and key-executive groups.

He's also Berkman-certified.

This method is a highly effective and widely used tool helping executives and individuals understand their skills, their strengths and their needs in order to be more productive in their businesses as well as personal lives.

He's currently a director in the Llano Chamber of Commerce, overseeing their business learning affairs.

Sam the rancher.
"Come pay me a visit at my favorite place on home in Cherokee Texas...smack dab in the middle of the Texas Hill Country."