Sam's trained specialties include:


When you are at the top of your firm, who is it that holds you accountable?
With whom do you share your deepest concerns whether it be professional or personal?

How do you begin to know what you don't know?

Who can help you clarify your vision for yourself as well as for your firm?

Your executive coach is the cornerstone of the foundation on which you can build.

This field has grown so rapidly that there is a wide array of "coaches" out there. A good coach has been there, done that and knows the "end of the movie". Academics, while a great tool to have can never replace the exposure one gets from living at the top of the business food chain.

The time you spend with your coach is the most important time you spend on you! Sam has had the privilege of working with dozens of CEO's on a monthly basis. Click here for their comments.

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