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Sam is the former founder,...
Owner and ceo of Worldwide Container Services, Inc. He was nominated for entrepreneur of the year, having twice been recognized in the Houston 100 Fastest Growing Companies awards. He holds three substantial patents and was commonly recognized in his industry as an employer aimed on helping his employees maximize their potential and grow, both personally & professionally. 

His former company Worldwide, Inc...

165 employees strong, had offices in 6 states and four countries, servicing the airline industry and the United States Military. His company was featured in numerous publications, television specials and radio. "Who's Who in Leading American Executives" listed Sam several times, and he also headed up the Air Cargo Industry Panel.

"Effective communication is more listening than speaking. The Socratic Method of asking questions is an essential skill for all leaders to master. As effective leaders we learn that, to the employee it's not all about money, and thereby their job satisfaction & performance are directly tied to their self actualization on the job.

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Here's my suggestion...

I highly encourage you to ACT. Call or write and let's visit about your ideas. Let's make that vision of yours a reality!