Sam’s ability to see opportunities and threats facing any business is sourced by his great instincts. Beyond his proven track record, his heart is as big as Texas; he loves you into the person you need to be.
Mandy Cavanaugh
Team Housing Solutions

Sam Jones has had a profound influence on my business and personal life.  Many times a business leader needs an ear that they can talk to as well as advice from a trusted friend.  Sam is that trusted friend to me.  He has been an encourager to me for 15 years.  I often say if I could be “half as good as Sam thinks I am…I could be somebody!”   I now think I may only have to be one third as good as Sam thinks I am.
Andy Spencer – Engedi Group

After being introduced to Sam by Jim Erben, he has helped me with living a heathier lifestyle thru managing work and recreational.  Be sure to take the fruits of your labor. We went from 5 stores to 16 stores across the country and will continue to expand. He is a PIA but I love him.
Chris Yule
Travis Medical - Corporate
Sam is an original, one-of-a-kind. He motivates and inspires with every breath. He asks the questions that you need to be asked to push you to the next level. Sam has made me into a better professional, boss and leader. He takes the whole person into account. In short, Sam cares.
Lesley Ledwell
Sam is an extraordinary executive and management coach. His approach is founded on many years of personal experience in a wide range of industries. He is always available when a client needs some unplanned time to get advice or to solve a problem. Sam is always willing to assist others regardless of their level of management or direction. On a personal level, Sam is a pleasure just to sit down and have conversations about many aspects of life in general. You would enjoy having Sam as a coach or mentor.
Angelo DeCaro
Quadrus Consulting

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