Executive Coaching

Why an Executive Coach?

When you are at the top of your firm, who is it that holds you accountable?

With whom do you share your deepest concerns whether it be professional or personal?

How do you begin to know what you don't know?

Who can help you clarify your vision for yourself as well as for your firm?

Your executive coach is the cornerstone of the foundation on which you can build.

This field has grown so rapidly that there is a wide array of "coaches" out there. A good coach has been there, done that and knows the "end of the movie". Academics, while a great tool to have can never replace the exposure one gets from living at the top of the business food chain.

The time you spend with your coach is the most important time you spend on you! Sam has had the privilege of working with dozens of CEO's on a monthly basis. Click here for their comments.


Group Facilitations

The Power of the Right Group...

...greatly exceeds that of any solo executive. This group's sole interest lies in helping you question your own answers.
Sam has gained invaluable experience as an integral member of TEC, The Executive Committee (now VISTAGE), since 1988. He has learned what makes an effective group.
"The magic happens in the room as breakthroughs take place, catapulting you to a new level of insight."
"Group-think" in the hands of an effective facilitator is a very powerful tool. And Sam is continually defining and mastering his craft as he chairs his Vistage groups. Vistage is the world's largest CEO membership organization.

Sales Training, group or individual

Did you Know That...

The best sales people, for the most part, do not make great sales managers?
Sam proved to be different. As a constant high achiever during his early years Sam was not only a top achiever in sales, but he also had the skills and desire to be a sales executive. He's seen both ends of the sales world.
Helping a good sales manager maintain motivation and accountability with the team requires ongoing education and leadership.
Finding, keeping and growing our sales team must be at the top of the executive's list of "to do's".

Communication Enhancement


Between effective communication and mere rhetoric.
How the executive communicates will determine how successful he or she will be in the long run.
"We have a message to deliver to our clients, our vendors, our employees, our family and to the public in general. And paying critical attention to our Method used in that delivery will serve us."
Honing our skills in this area can lead to the biggest jewel in the executive's crown.

Mission or Vision Work

As executives we must be able to articulate the mission of our firm and our personal vision for it. And that persoanl vision must align with that of the firm.
Just as a map is essential in knowing what awaits us on any given journey, likewise our vision gives us critical sight.
We'll get beyond words and charts and puts legs on your vision.

Small Business Growth Management

The faster you grow, the faster the challenges come at you!
As a twice-winner of the Houston 100, Sam knows what it feels like to "ride the rocket.
"I love fast growing companies. They are exciting and invigorating to work with."And at the same time they require skilled and precise management to keep the rocket from blowing up.

Family Business Issues

Issues involving family businesses can be much larger challenges than those of traditional businesses. "You all still have to look at each other across the Thanksgiving Day table."
How members relate within the firm and the family must be clearly defined to avoid problems.
It's no secret that a family business is a mine field that needs maneuvering through by a skilled coach. The family business will prosper with skilled communication skills, exit strategies and careful future planning.

Leadership Training

The best companies are learning companies. Management and line employees must be growing in order for the firm to thrive.
Learning what? Your success must be thought out, planned and executed. The learning and training must have an end goal whose achievement will lead you to your next goal.
Your greatness will be met by constantly raising the bar, and to do that requires personal work.
Training, growth, leadership...they are an inseparable trio.

Here's my suggestion...

I highly encourage you to ACT. Call or write and let's visit about your ideas. Let's make that vision of yours a reality!